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san diego photographer | what 8 1/2 looks like | june 2013

Dear sweet Brooks,

We are well into the swing of summer and having a wonderful time.  I enjoyed pulling together this set of images from May and June to complete your letter this month.  The month of May brought us the second and third triathlon in the kids series.  This first race was in San Diego by the bay.  There were LOTS of kids racing for the first time which made the swim portion a bit crowded.  You told me that it felt like zombies were reaching out to grab at you in the water.  With lifeguards lining the swim path and hundreds of eyes on the swimmers from the dock, I knew you were all very safe.  You had an awesome bike portion of the race, but your strongest leg comes at the end with the run.  This run was only a mile and you finished strong with a big smile on your face.  Everything about this race went better than your first … you were so much more prepared and so much stronger.  I get tears watching you compete.  I know I tell you this all the time, but love watching you race!


A few weeks later we were off to Orange County for the weekend.  You are such a trooper for these early mornings.  We are usually at the race site about 5:00 am in order to park and take care of the transition area.  You did even better in this race!  Your swimming was so much more confident and strong.  I know it helped that you had an in-water start and that there was a much smaller group.  This race finished with a run just short of two miles which was awesome for you.  You came in strong … again with a sweet smile on your face.  You told me that it’s exciting to near the finish line and hear the announcer call out your name and hear all the cheering.

On the drive home from the race we stopped off to watch Tanner’s team compete for the Souther California National Cup Championship … which as you can see they won!  His team moved on to the Far West Regional series (one of four in the nation) in Hawaii last month.  They won that, too.  So now we will cheer them on as they head to Kansas to defend their National title.  It’s been so exciting for us to watch and follow his team.

At school all year you have worked tirelessly at running club twice a week.  Every single Tuesday and Thursday, you put on your comfy shorts and shirt for running club (for much of the year it was the same exact outfit every single Tuesday and Thursday).  Your goal was to reach 100 miles!  Well, you crushed that goal with 125 miles and you were awarded as the top runner at school.    You came home with two medals that are now proudly hanging with your growing collection of triathlon and racing medals.

Since I had my camera at school this day, we asked Mrs. B if you could take one of the baby chicks out for a few photos.  This one was our favorite … I adore the feathers.  This same afternoon they were packed up to go happily live at a ranch.

This just kills me!  Here you are … the first and last day of second grade.  You were so little and came out such a big boy.  Everything about it looks different to me except for your go-to pose.  I laughed out loud when I put these together and noticed that you had the same pose.

Just before our Legoland passes were set to expire, we invited C and K to join you for a fun day.  The three of you cracked me up.  I felt a little sad knowing that we had crossed over that line of having this as a ‘you and me’ thing to a ‘you and friends’.  I was just the one driving you around and holding the backpack with all of our stuff.  I’m glad you have such great friends … I love watching you laugh and play with them.

Earlier this month you had your first travel tournament with your soccer team.  You and the boys looked so sharp in your new uniforms!  Your team didn’t play that well this weekend but it gave us a taste of what’s to come.

For your end of the year party, you class walked over to the park next to school.  You and the boys had a blast racing around and playing.  I’m so thankful to be at the same school and be able to take some time to join you for these events.

As we were grabbing the mail on the last day, you asked if you could ‘take off your shirt and twirl it around your head’.  I thought it was so funny!  I always love seeing you so happy!!

This was the start of my ‘summer photo a day’ project.  You joined me for my oncology appointment and got to meet my Dr. and hear the good news that everything is going well.

To wrap up the month we went to the SD Fair to see Train.  When a friend heard that you were their biggest fan she arranged for a meet-n-greet with the band.  We were both so excited and very nervous to meet them.  The concert was a blast!  I loved watching you rock out!!  Can’t wait for Bruno Mars later on in July!

Love you to the moon and back!


Be sure to continue on with the incredibly talented Lindsey Bergstrom.

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July 3, 2013 - 6:31 am

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July 6, 2013 - 7:53 pm

brenda - Jules…these are so awesome! Incredible memories frozen in time forever! I love that he’s so into the race, what a trooper! I had to laugh because some of the shots you got look like you had to really get in the middle of it all to get. 🙂

August 6, 2013 - 11:54 am

tamara - I always LOVE your posts. Looks like an amazing summer was had by all.